Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Must write in blog...

Why? Because I think of so much rediculous crap. Everyone else has a stream of consciousness going on the intertubes, so why not me?
Like, why can I not sleep? I had two glasses of tea this evening, and some cookies. Is that all it takes to keep me awake? Or is it all the crap in my head I need to flush out? I don't know. But it's 4:05 and i'm awake. And i'm surrounded by cats. It's like on the Simpsons when Homer stops going to church and he has all his animal friends, and they're with him in the shower and he's like "can i have five minutes guys?". That's my life. Only with cats. I have five cats, four of which are aware enough of my every move to greet me first thing in the morning when i'm trying to pee. I'm glad they love me, but geez, let me have a few minutes to clear my head on the toilet in peace.
Why else could I be awake? Let's see. My job drives me nuts, my kitchen is a mess, i'm not sure which cross stitch project to pursue next, I have osteoarthritis at 26, my husband's friend is getting married this weekend and we haven't gotten him a gift yet, I'm not sure what i'm going to wear, I don't like the girl he's marrying, no one does, I was dreaming about doll clothes, my student loan deferment has run out and I spent eight freaking minutes on hold today trying to straighten that crap out before giving up, my car is filthy, and my best freind's husband is in the booby hatch after trying to kill himself twice last weekend. Plus I flossed tonight and now my gums are all swollen and hurty. I guess that could keep me awake. But this is mostly the same crap that's been on my mind for a few weeks.
So it's probably the cookies and tea. Which is weird since i've never been really sensitive to caffiene, and tea doesn't have a lot of it, and I consume an awful lot of refined sugar with no problems before. But I wasn't really tired going to bed, so I guess that's it really. I'm not that tired for some reason. I will be in the morning.