Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sawdust and Planks...

I have a small confession to make. As I posted my anger about the uppity, rude, fucktard minister the other night, I was hot on the trail of a possible ceremony site. I didn't want to mention anything because if you haven't already noticed, I am pretty superstitious. I don't carry a rabbit's foot or anything, but I don't like to tempt fate. And I was afraid that by mentioning this place we would be tempting fate.

But I feel more comfortable now. Wednesday I was driving home from work and passed by a church on the corner that I pass everyday. It's sorta small, white, two front doors, no steeple with a very old cemetary. I have always loved this church. I had never noticed a congregration there. The sign out front said it was owned and maintained by the Pitt County Historic Society.

"I wonder if we could get married there?" I thought. Hmm. I got home and decided to postpone my lunch of Ramen noodles for a few minutes.

Finding no listing in the phone book for the Historic Society, I called the Planning and Urban Development Department which was in charge of the department of Historic Preservation. A vary nice lady there gave me the number of the Humber House which houses the historic society for Eastern North Carolina. A very nice gentleman there gave me the number of two people he worked with frequently regarding documents. I called the first person on the list. She knew exactly who I needed to speak with. She gave me his number. The church was availible on the 21st and he was availible the next day to meet me to show me around. Awesome.

We met the next day. When I walked in the building the first thing I noticed was the smell. The smell of old books and rich wood. I love that smell. Sort of like a library. I wanted to breathe it in, like I could absorb it's history through my lungs.

The building was a bit small, but it can hold the number of guests we are expecting. The pews are the original plank pews from the first building in 1759. The current building has been there since 1893. The floors are wood, the altar is a simple platform a few inches off the ground. The walls are tongue in groove painted white. The light fixtures are a few ceiling fans. At the front of the room in front of the altar is the original cast iron fireplace. The windows are simple pane windows covered by blinds. We can open or raise them as we see fit. The pews can be slid to one side to create one ailse for me and my dad.

It is a simple country church. It's peaceful. There is nothing to distract one from the ceremony taking place. There is no organ or piano, but there is a place for my CD player to play our music. It's a place where you can really feel close to God. It's perfect for a couple of history geeks like Josh and I. Now that i've seen it I can't imagine getting married anywhere else.

Tomorrow I will write a check and send it in with a signed contract. And I will check another thing off my list. One fewer thing to worry about. And I was worried. I did not want to get married at our reception site. And Greenville is sorely lacking in any alternative wedding venues. There are not many museums, no gardens, and no where on the ECU campus to wed. I was sorta freaking out.

But the Lord was looking out for us. Funny how one day a light went off in my head to remind me of this place I pass every day. And it all fell into place so easily. And for once i'm not worried about or questioning my decision. Awesome.

As for the other preacher who was so rude and judgey, well, my mother summed it up in her comments on that post:

Can you say "fucktard?" There, I knew you could.I swear, I'm so sick of
stupid people. They're everywhere! Don't let this man get to you, sweetie. It'll
all work out. Shame on him anyway! Who is he to judge?He should read Matthew 7:3
NIV"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no
attention to the plank in your own eye?"

Word! She also wants to call him and tell him what a fucktard he is. Sounds like a plan to me!

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