Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We both love the Rolling Stones, not for their music, but for their tireless efforts to preserve historic buildings.

Wow. I need a counter on here for Simpsons references.

It's late and i'm tired, but not quite ready for bed. Which sucks, because normally I like to be lulled to sleep by Adult Swim. That ususally works out well, unless I wake up during some weird-ass, scary anime program. I know, I know. They are going to revoke my geek's license for not being into anime. Thankfully I have reached a pretty bad ass life on Animal Crossing and can quote The Simpsons with enough proficiency to keep the Metal Ones for coming for me just yet.

Anyway, what I hopped on here to do was to post a few pictures of our church. The ones inside may not be the best, my flash wasn't working, but they are pretty good.

I'm thrilled about this place. I can't imagine us getting married anywhere else. So support your local historic society. They aren't all a bunch of kooks. Many of them are very nice people who have a real love for history and a passion for preserving the past. And that's way cooler than another shopping center, or subdivision. At least you can get married in a historic building.

But this stupid thing doesn't want to co-operate. So i'll try again tomorrow. I'm tired enough now to go to bed, and since it's anime time now i'll be doing it to a Family Guy DVD.

Just remember. If the building inspector comes by, this isn't a blog, it's a window box.

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