Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Dear World:

Thank you for your prompt solution to my shoe delimma. While these shoes are more than I had planned to pay, They are basic pumps with a rounded toe, not too skinny heel, and we all know I have a weakness for Nine West. Good show. Now, can you do something about this ridiculous skort thing? I bought what I thought was two nice skirts this weekend, only to find they had shorts inside them. Seriously. Either wear shorts or a skirt. Accept that sometimes you have to wear a skirt, and for those occastions learn to keep your legs together.




Anonymous said...

They are lovely. And they look like they would be comfortable and you wouldn't have to worry about them slipping and coming loose like you do with slingbacks. Good choice!
I'm having a hard time finding a really pretty shoe in navy blue. Since my dress is sort of short, I need something really cute. Maybe more will show up nearer to fall.

Anonymous said...

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