Monday, November 06, 2006

So how was it?

It was great. It was amazing. It was so much fun. It was over so fast.

It was worth every penny, every sleepless night, every napless afternoon.

It was the greatest thing since sliced bread (sliced bread having been invented the previous winter). It was the cat's meow. It kicked ass. It took names. It was so much fun.

It was perfect and imperfect. It was strange but totally natural. It was murder on my feet.

It was great. It was amazing. It was so. Much. Fun.

It was over so, so fast.

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Anonymous said...

I had a blast. It was the third wedding I attended this year, and by far the nicest, the funnest, and it was a lovely reprieve from life in Harrisonburg. Jeremy said that both the rehearsal dinner and the reception were the fanciest and nicest place he had ever been. It was absolutely fabulous. I wouldn't have missed it for anything in this world or any other.

How was your honeymoon? C. :)