Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good Grief More Random Acts of Geekiness!

The other night I was blissfully asleep under my semi-new electric blanket when I had a dream about a certain geeky food icon tempting me to break my month old marriage vows.

No, not Christopher Kimball. Ew. Alton Brown. Mmmmm....

So in my dream I was at one of the dining halls here on campus and AB had to improve the cuisine. If I assisted him then I could skip class and we would make some bacon. Of course the dining hall looked less like a dining hall and more like the wine section at Lowes Foods, all soft light and honey wood.

Long story short I of course tried to help him as much as I could. I did get sidetracked when I decided it would be faster to take a campus bus back to where he was rather than run, which it was not. And in the tradition of dreams I had other things going on, like a family at McDonalds, and my sister and our videographer from the wedding and me in this church. And the whole place was this terrible blue and a bride wanted to paint it before the wedding, and I was working on a cross stitch project... It makes no sense.

However I did make it back to AB who had to make do with a chicken rather than a duck for his recipe. And he was pleased with my help. However, I woke up before my dream got to the fun part.

I told Josh about this when I woke up. He just gave me a wierd look, suggested that I mention my fucked up dreams to my therapist and walked out. You know the usual response.

Oh AB. We'll always have the Wright Place...

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