Friday, July 25, 2008

Girl Crush: Dana Sculley/Gillian Anderson

Oh, Scully, you are so awesome.
Rebecca Traister has a great article up today about the complete and total awesomeness of Agent Dana Sculley.
Allow me to geek out a bit here.
I still love The X-files. I still think Mulder is so fucking hot he's runner up only to Johnny Depp. I refuse to watch any episode with Agent Doggett. I get pissed when people call Dana "Miss" Sculley. That's either Agent or Doctor to you jerkass!
But most of all I love Sculley and Gillian Anderson.
Agent Sculley is the definition of awesome. She is what girls need to be seeing on TV these days. She was fucking brilliant, funny, hardworking, not a slut, and she wouldn't hesitate to pull her gun on your ass. And with all that she had her soft side that she wasn't ashamed of. Sculley was so real.
Gillian Anderson is still tied with Tori Amos as The Most Beautiful Woman Around. She's not Hollywood hot and that makes her even more special. She hasn't done a lot of stupid paycheck pictures, she hasn't flashed her vag everywhere, she doesn't give stupid interveiws. She's lived her life out of the spotlight and stayed sane because of it. I would love to have coffee with her sometime.
Rock on Gillian. And rock on Sculley. I know you will. Either in real life or on my DVDs, rock on. We need you now more than ever.

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Anonymous said...

well you know i love the xfiles. and you know how much i love mulder....wiping the drool off my chin right now! but there are a few good episodes with doggett. he'll never measure up to mulder, and i hate the way he treats scully, but there are a few good shows with him.
as for dana scully- gillian anderson- mmmmm....good scully. so hot! what a sexy woman! if i was gay---- wow!
my girl crush is totally on, too!
but let's just keep this our little secret. hehe....