Monday, August 04, 2008

Layla. The way God intended it to be. The end.

Once while watching a Pantera video Beavis and Butthead hypothesized that if Pantera was to play on Unplugged they wouldn't unplug the pyros. The reason being that the pyros were what got Pantera where they were.

I feel the same way about Layla. If I had been Eric Clapton on Unplugged I would not have unplugged Layla. It is musical perfection. Of course I can't really blame Eric Clapton, I'm sure he didn't have much of a choice, it is The Eric Clapton Song. And I guess the unplugged version is ok. Josh gets annoyed when I grumble about the unplugged version so that's been put in the Not Arguing About It Anymore file along with how the channel guide for the satallite should be set up. (With the small channels at the bottom so you can press the up button and the channels get larger. Duh. Josh disagrees.) But this is my blog and Josh doesn't read it. So here is Layla, with all the kilowatt sucking electric guitar in place. The way it was, the way it is, the way it always shall be.


Anonymous said...

some things don't need to be messed with already!
leave "layla" alone, dammit!
and one more thing.....
i HATE HATE HATE "wonderful tonight!"
that is the lamest fucking song eric clapton ever wrote! it's draggy and depressing and the subject matter (if you really listen to the words,) just suck!
so there.......
put that in your smipe and poke it!

Anonymous said...

I heart Layla. So angry, so sexy, so sad. That riff at the ends just kills me. I also love that Clapton used the name Layla from a Persian love story. I'm a total wiki addict:

That unplugged version blows. When I first heard it on my walkman, I changed the batteries. :P