Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tifauxed Movie of the Week: Party Monster

First, yes, I know this is the third Movie of the Week. I've been meaning to post this stuff for a while. Now on to business.

Yesh. Should have be called Bad Movie Monster.

This was a really, really lame movie. I'm not sure what disapointed me more, the lack of actual information regarding the Michael Alig case or the horrific acting.

Well, ok, I can choose. The lack of any additional information or insight into Michael Alig and his charecter or motivations disapointed me more than the horrific acting, which was mostly Macauly Culkin and Seth Green trying and failing to act queeny. I must say though, I eventually got used to Seth Green and his queeny act. It was like a movie with subtitles. You adjust and get used to it and then you don't even notice that you're reading anymore. Culkin on the other hand, wow. Really bad. Really, really bad. I've not seen him in anything else as an adult, but I hope for his sake that he's a better actor than this movie made him out to be. I don't want the guy to starve.

I guess I should have expected less, but damn, who would have thought that the American Justice about Michael Alig and the Club Kid Murders would be more informative and entertaining?

I still have my hopes up for Party Monster: The Shockumentary , but it's pretty far down on my queue so I won't get to it for a while. Maybe by then I will have forgotten how bad the fictionalization of the whole thing is.

Rating: One star. I would have rather used the space to record an old Bridezillas episode. Those are entertaining.

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