Saturday, October 04, 2008

Dark Shadows


So I found this awesome blog called The BeautyBrains that discusses various cosmetic products from a scientific standpoint. That's good.

I spent an hour reading all the comments about the Kinoki Foot Pads from people who are too stupid to live and think they actually work. Blood pressure went up and i'm pretty sure I did some permanent damage to my eyes from rolling them so much. That's bad.

Then I realize that maybe they can help me figure out why every single lip balm i've ever used has made my lips feel puckery shortly afterward instead of feeling moisturized so I send them question asking them why this may be happening. That's good.

Then I think, even better, maybe they can tell me if that Hylexin stuff for dark circles under your eyes actually works! Because it probaly doesn't but my eye circles are the bane of my existance and have been for years and i'm willing to try anything plausible to get them to go away. Stupid thin skin under my eyes. So I search for Hylexin. And, no. No it does not. Not for my kind of dark circles anyway. It's more for dark circles that are caused by pigmentation probems, not thin skin that shows the blood vessels under the eye. That's bad.

Damn. Well, at least i'm smart enough to know that Kinoki Foot Pads are a crock. That has to be worth something, right? Right?


TheBeautyBrains said...

We took a lot of heat about those Kinoki foot pads!

Thanks for the kind words.

Left Brain

Brave Little Baker said...

Glad to do it. We need more people like you guys spreading the truth out there!