Monday, November 03, 2008

A few things that were scaring me this Halloween weekend

How awesome all my dolls looked dressed up for trick or treat! Abigail's mermaid costume was $26 very well spent. She could have been going as a clothed Venus di Milo.

The fact that McCain may still win this election. Shudder.

The number of children who stuck their hands into my candy bowl and tried to get more candy AFTER I had already given them their allotment! Greedy little bastards.

The fact that I woke up Sunday morning, went to Wal-mart and found a large Christmas tree up at the entrance and "Angels we have heard on high" already playing.

The fact that my immediate reaction to this celebration of the birth of my Lord and Savior was "Oh jeez, not already."

The fact that I then purchased a pair of Christmas earrings, a small star to go on my doll's tree and spend a good amount of time perusing the outdoor decorations wondering what I could add to the display this year to zazz it up. You know, since it was already out and all.

The fact that 5% of voters in NC were undecided as late as yesterday. Make up your damn minds people!

Most scary of all though was the amount of money I mailed off Friday to pay bills. It was so much i'm surprised that I didn't wake up Saturday to the sound of my own screams. Of course it could have been scarier. I could have had no money to pay bills at all.

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