Monday, November 17, 2008

Yea! Wall-E!

My pre-ordered copy of Wall-E shipped Friday meaning that with my two-day shipping it will be here today. I'm so excited! I can't wait to watch it and see that sweet little guy with his Hello Dolly tape, his pet cockroach and his little whistles and chirps!

I really can't believe how much I loved this movie and this charecter. I swear I think I was captured by Pixar and studied so they would know how to make Wall-E capture my heart and my wallet. It's almost scary how deep my connection is to this charecter. Of course when you look at other people with a deep connection to a fictional charecter mine isn't so bad. I'm not dressing up as Wall-E to go clubbing and getting a job in the waste management industry to be more like him. (Vampire people i'm looking in your direction.)

Anyway, I don't care if Pixar did kidnap me. Fuck it. We only live once and Wall-E makes me happy and teary and want to squeeze something (like my Wall-E plush) so i'll be on the couch tonight watching my movie, crying, laughing, wishing Wall-E was real so he could come live with me and compress my trash and be adorable. (Of course EVE could come along too. She's Wall-E's soulmate. I couldn't separate them. Oh, there I go again tearing up.)

Comedien Ralphie May talks about being 'tard happy. Wall-E makes me 'tard happy.

And with exception of the use of the term "tard" is that so wrong? No. No it isn't. Maybe the world would be a better place if we could all get 'tard happy so easily.

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Anonymous said...

he is a little cutie. and even i thought the little cockroach was cute and that's saying something! hehe....
and i must add that this movie made a very valid statement about how we treat our environment and our world. one world, people. ONE WORLD.
so enjoy your movie, sweetie. you could be all excited about getting high on crack or alcohol or something a whole lot worse!