Monday, December 01, 2008

Have I mentioned we're consumer whores lately?

I guess in this case Josh is the consumer whore since it's technically his TV, but I went along with it and also saw like five things I wanted at Sears while we were browsing, so yeah, we're consumer whores.

The decision to buy a big ass TV came about because Josh's old TV in his den was losing color constantly and had to be whacked with a broom handle to get the color to come back. That has actually been going on for a while now. But then last week his Dish Network DVR died. This complicated things because:

-We technically own that reciever

-So rather than calling up Dish Network and having them send out a new one, we would have to pay for a new one which is at least a couple hundred dollars

-Which would be silly because we would need a new HD reciever anyway once we got the big TV

-And that would surely happen before the new reciever died

-So we may as well go ahead and get the big TV and go to Dish HD now that the TV and the reciever have croaked at the same time and the reciever is free with the sign up for the HD programming upgrade.

Make sense? Basically Josh got a new TV because his reciever/DVR died, his TV was on life support, I really didn't want to be his Tivo monkey for the forseeable future, and Circuit City gave him 36 months no interest. But he's happy and i'm happy he's happy eventhough I don't get the big TV thing.

I do however get the super cool refrigerator, dishwasher, diamond earring thing...

I told you I was a consumer whore.

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