Friday, January 02, 2009

The obligatory post that mentions the economy

So i've been sitting on my ass watching TV non stop for the last few days and I can't go twenty full minutes without seeing a Cash 4 Gold commercial. I even heard a radio ad earlier tonight on my way to Walgreens encouraging me to sell my broken, used and unwanted jewelry for extra money.

Now I know the economy is in the shitter and doesn't seem to be coming out any time soon. But I can't get over how suddenly the answer to every body's money problems is to sell our jewelry like a bunch of crack heads looking for a fix.

I mean really, is this not the lamest get rich quick scheme you've ever heard? And how much broken and unwanted jewelry do people really have? I doubt it's enough to make a serious dent in anyone's credit card debt or make a mortgage payment.

I don't know. It just strikes me funny that all of a sudden I can't turn around without an ad showing up wanting my old jewelry. It's actually pretty annoying. Hopefully this trend will die out soon. After all, it's called a pawn shop. They've been around forever. This isn't really a new idea.

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Anonymous said...

I've noticed this too. It's really annoying.

I've also noticed all these commercials for Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Bali Total Fitness and all this other crap because people (I can only guess) are trying to lose weight after Christmas. Still, it's annoying to anyone, especially a person with body issues to have Valerie Bertinelli and Marie Osmond up in your grill every fifteen minutes screeching DIET! DIET! DIET! YOU'RE TOO FAT!! I WAS FAT TOO AND NOW I'M THIN AND HAPPY NOW! YOU CAN'T BE HAPPY UNLESS YOU DIET!!"

Here's a pre-planned meal that isn't on your diet: a big bowl of shut the fuck up.