Friday, April 03, 2009

Am I The Only One Who Was Broke BEFORE the Recession?

So last night I switched purses from my Fall/Winter purse to my Spring/Summer purse. My Spring/Summer purse is the one pictured but pink with brown trim. It's a Nine West and I got it at Ross last year for like $25. As I put everything into it I thought to myself "Heh, i'm Shopping In My Own Closet! Or as I call it Using Something I Already Have Again Because It's Still Good And I've Never Had A Lot Of Money So Reusing An Item From Last Year Isn't An Earth Shaking Concept To Me ASSHOLES!"

I mean really, I know a great majority of Americans were living well beyond their means in the last few years, but did they really never reuse an item? Why is this such a crazy concept that it's become a Whole Thing in any article you read about the economy? Maybe I was the only one broke before the economy went to pot. I don't know. I do know that I love my purse this year as much as last year and it still holds all my crap so why wouldn't I use it again? Or maybe i'm just weird. That's probably it. I'm weird. Oh well, that's ok because I still have a sweet bag bitches!

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Candice said...

That's a seriously sweet bag! You've always had really good taste. I love places like Ross and Steinmart because they have really nice stuff for super duper cheap.

I noticed when I went to JMU many, many 19-year-old girls were walking around with Chanel bags. How is this possible? How does a 19-year-old college student afford a $500 purse? That must be money from dad because you don't make that kind of money working at ColdStone.

I'm really annoyed and amazed at these articles in women's magazines now about how to beat the bad economy by using stuff you already have. I'm also irritated at how these magazines often feature stuff that's supposed to be "cheap" but by cheap it means less than $300. I FINALLY got my bridesmaid dress for Miki's wedding this weekend and it's a Calvin Klein dress from Macy's that was $128. I nearly died. I've never paid that much for a dress in my whole life. I've never had anything designer in my entire life either. Luckily Mom had a coupon, and Miki's going to pay her back.

You and I share the same awesome parents who taught us the value of a dollar. I have several very pretty Indian print sundresses that I was constantly being complimented on the summer before last that I still wear. When someone (often strangers!) would ask me where I got them, I happily replied "I got it for ten bucks at Roses!" People couldn't believe that I would walk 20 blocks from my apartment to Roses in Harrisonburg. That used to be considered being poor, now it's considered being "green." You and I always were ahead of our time.