Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And then my teeth fell out. Peggy, you were there.

Well, last night it finally happened. I had my first wedding related nightmare. It was so little and helpless, crinkly, but cute. Aren't you a cute manifestation of anxiety? Yes you are! Yes you are!

Anyway, normally I would chalk it up to the Ambien, but that usually knocks me out enough that I don't have normal dreams, much less wacky ones. All I can figure is that i'm a wee bit stressed. I've been too tired the past few afternoons to call a myriad of florists for a consultation and i'm so freaked out by handing over cake stuff to a stranger that it had it's own part in my dream. Tomorrow I have to do at least one of those things.

Anyway, on to the dream.

It was a little disjointed, without a solid plot or timeline, so this is going to be flaky.

It began the day before the wedding. I was talking over stuff with my coordinator at the reception site which had gone from a lovely ballroom to my elementary school gym. (Yes, we are plumbing the depths of the subconscious here.) It was a few months before our set wedding date, so i'm not sure why we were getting married, (I saw myself from the front and didn't look knocked up), but we were. The decorations looked awful, Josh didn't have a tux, the cake wasn't ordered, I had no idea about flowers and we didn't have our marriage license. Truly a wedding from Hell.

So I tell my coordinator that the cake is very important. I told her I didn't care too much what the end result was, as long as it was white, three tiered stacked. Cut to the next day.

Josh and I enter the elementary school gym (which they actually called the multi-purpose room and used as the lunch room) and it looks like something that would have shot out of a Barbie fire extenguisher. Ruffles and pink and swags and white lattice everywhere. There were tons of flowers but they were all different and looked like someone just grabbed what they could find and put it together. However my purple hand-tied hydrangea bouquets made an appearance. Hung like a garland across the ceiling!

As we entered the multi-purpose room I looked over my shoulder and saw the cake. It was bright pink, had one large round layer on the bottom and another large round layer on a pole in the center. It was covered in little flowers and swags and ribbons. The overall effect was one of a pink carousel without horses. I destinctly remember in my dream thinking that not only was it ugly, but it wasn't going to feed everyone!

So that was it. My very first wedding related nightmare. I'm sure there are many more to come. But at least this one was half-way funny with all the Barbie inspired decor and unexplained rush to marry. Operative term being half-way.

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Candice said...

Do you get these comments emailed to you? I hope so, because this is a rather old entry.

I remember the multi-purpose room. I had a dream about the other night too. I think I was looking for something. And I saw my taco I dropped on the floor when I was in the third grade. I could have sworn i cleaned that up.