Monday, March 20, 2006

Damn Subconscious!

Something inside me doesn't want to fit into a wedding dress. In the past few days I have been on a junk food bender that would put human Bender to shame. And I feel terrible. Not only do I fear ordering a dress that I may be to big to wear, but deep down I know when I put on the dress it all becomes very real. (I know, a $1000 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit on our reception site should be damn real.) And i'm not having doubts. I'm not feeling like i'm rushing into anything. I just don't think it's hit me yet that I am really engaged, and that means i'm really getting married in seven months. It still feels like i'm having "When we get married..." hypothetical converstions instead of true planning.

But I am looking forward to dress shopping. Yesterday I told Josh that I was going to go to another bridal store where I have no intentions of buying a dress and just try on dress after dress. When else will I be able to do that? And my mom and maybe my aunt will be down to go to David's with me! I have such a blast with my Mom. And as I told Josh last night, this is the consumate mother/daughter experience. This is one of those things I've looked forward to for my whole life and has kept me from just eloping already. So i'm getting excited. But part of excitment is nerves, and that's what sends me into the creamy arms of my good freind Breyers. Of course, I suppose i'm home free until after Wednesday. Until then I don't have to worry about maintaining a weight. Why stress over fitting into a dress I haven't ordered yet?

Yeah...that's the ticket...

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