Friday, March 24, 2006

This guy's not a sissy, he's a fruit!

A small smattering of my personal beliefs here this morning.

As you probably guessed, anyone nuts enough to blog about her wedding instead of drive her friends and co-workers nuts talking about it for a year must really be into weddings. And I am. I love wedding dresses, wedding cakes, bouquets, you name it. And i'm not hating on people who elope and their weddings. If that's how you want it more power to you. Weddings aren't special becuase of all the show and food and money. They're special because somewhere between "Do you take this man..." and "You may kiss the bride." two people become spirtually and legally one. That's magical. And I just don't see why homosexuals can't have their own piece of that. But I can see why polygamists shouldn't.

Marriage is about your commitment to one person beyond all others. Not about gathering yourself a harem to control, or saving up wives like Chuck E. Cheese tickets to get into heaven. This whole "If you legalize one you have to legalize the other" argument is bullshit. This article chalks it up to jealousy, which is true. It's human nature to expect monogamy. And I don't believe for a minute that these women aren't sad or jealous when they hear their husband and their sister wife having sex.

Gay marriage and polygamy are not different sides of the same coin. That some would co-opt a repressed group's struggle for equality under the law and social validation and use it to justify legalizing a practice that is ecclesiatically dubious and historically riddled with incest and other forms of abuse is an affront to all that is wonderful and valuble about marriage.

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