Friday, April 14, 2006

Cake Wars: A New Hope

Ah, the cake.

I took a lot of pleasure in checking that off on my Wedding Workbook I tore out of my Martha Stewart Weddings.

I was toying around with the idea of doing my own cake. Wilton makes a cake stand that I have seen used with some very nice cakes that doesn't require dowels or pillars. But then I still have to bake and ice the thing and transport and set it up. Don't need the stress. Even Josh was talking me out of it. So I decided to sub it out.

I never made it to the cake tasting at the woman's house. The first day I was to go I feel asleep and missed the appointment. Then when I rescheduled she had to re-reschedule because she forgot that she was taking her grandchild to have pictures made. So Wednesday the following week it was.

Then the next Monday (before that Wednesday) we went to a place here in Greenville. I had checked out the website before and wasn't nuts about some of the work. But this person was the only baker on my vendor list that had a professional kitchen. That goes a long way with me. So we went to our tasting. She gave us a big hunk of warm yellow cake, dollops of buttercream, whipped and cream cheese icings, and samples of her most popular fillings: bavarian cream, rasberry, lemon, chocolate, and caramel. It was soooooo fucking good. Better than I could have dreamed. She showed us some more recent pictures and I was impressed. The work was better, very good in fact. The clincher was that she offered a 10% discount if we paid in full that day. Josh pulled out the credit card and we were on our way. One big thing taken care of.

However, I forgot to call and cancel my tasting with the other person. So Wednesday I set out. She gave me what I thought were very simple directions. Get on 264 alternate, look for Ballard's Crossroads Grill, turn right look for sign. I followed 264 alternate all the way out to the hospital. I turned around and followed it back. Of course this was the day I had left my cell phone at home. I was hot, I had a headache and was now fighting 4:30 traffic. "Fuck it" I said and went home. I am reminded of one of the great lines in Pulp Fiction "Move outta the sticks fellas." She hasn't called and I haven't called her. This was way to fucked up to be anything but trouble. If I call I have to reschedule or tell her I already have a cake, and I just don't feel like it.

So now our only drawback is that i'm craving cake from our cake person! I keep thinking about it, warm, covered in buttercream, filled with cream cheese frosting. Mmmmmm.....

Well, my birthday is coming up in July....

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Candice said...

Hey sis. Dude, don't make your own cake. It's bad luck. Trust me on this. Oh, and I looked up you and Josh's birthdays in my relationship astrology book, and you two are perfectly matched. For real. It said that your best bet for a relationship was marriage. :) love you.