Sunday, April 16, 2006

Random Acts of Geekiness Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

I'm not sure if i've mentioned it before, but Josh is currently working at the game store. In this position he gets access to some cool shit. Swag they are throwing out, pre-ordering things as soon as they get a SKU, rare things that have been traded in, and pre-owned movies that we either can't afford or don't want to pay $20 for. (Hello Grizzlyman. Awesome flick, but Best Buy wants $22 for the DVD. Yikes! If only he could have found The Notebook before I went and paid $15 for it.) Anyway, the job has it's little perks.

Saturday they were cleaning out the back in preparation for the District Manager's visit in the next week or so. There Josh found one of the coolest things he's ever given me. Up there with the Pink Kitchenaid, the pink SP from Japan, and of course, my fabulous engagement ring.

The Mr. Sparkle t-shirt.

I kept meaning to buy this thing but I never got around to it. Alas dear Mr. Sparkle vanished from the store and seemed never to return. And now he shows up one Saturday afternoon in my size, and on clearance for $1.99. I nearly plotzed when he showed it to me.

I'm wearing it now and it is awesome. Good ole fishbulb. I can't wait until next Friday. Then I get to wear him to work!

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