Sunday, July 23, 2006

Woo Hoo! We Win!!!

No, not the NC lottery. But after shacking up for almost four years North Carolina just made it legal! You thrush your pelvis, ugh! You thurst your plevis, ugh!

I love it when asinine laws are struck down!


Anonymous said...

Hey babes. This is Candice. And I'm thrusting my pelvis too. In every day, in every way, I support ya. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's because of this very law that me and your dad got married. Long story short, his probation officer nearly plotzed when she found out we were living together because this law was still in effect. So we eloped. And then a few years later, along came YOU. Then a year and a half later, along came your sister. So, I guess, in a weird way, this law wasn't so bad for a few people.
~Unthrusting pelvis~