Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm so going to Hell...

Why? Well, i've just now started my thank you notes from the wedding. I know, i'm gonna burn in some facsimile of Robot Hell. It's not that i'm ungreatful, i'm just really really tired and the last month has flown by. Shit, i'm still trying to find places to put things and it's time for me to drag the Christmas decorations out of the attic.

So anyway, after dinner tonight I decided that I would write notes until 8:00 then Josh and I would settle down to watch my new Netflix delivery and I would cross stitch contendedly knowing that several notes were in the mail box waiting to be picked up.

Now I had intended on starting these on Tuesday at work, sometimes things get really slow, but things got really busy. And while I remembered to stick the envelope with my blank notes and my list back in my bag, I forgot my index card file of addresses. So I have six notes on the coffee table, all stamped, four awaiting addresses. I suppose i'll just send them out tomorrow from work, but darn I wanted to put them in the mailbox tonight and put up that little red flag. So if you're reading this and you sent us a gift, the note is coming. I'm late, but i'm not an asshole.

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