Thursday, November 30, 2006


Ok, I had hoped I wouldn't have to do this. That maybe in the past couple of days my annoyance would have faded. But it hasn't. So here goes.

SPOILER ALERT!!!! If you are not up to date on the last season of House do not read further!!!

So Tuesday night after a vicoden withdrawing House tells Cuddy that she would suck as a mom so it's a good thing she isn't pregnant, Cuddy is crying in her office. She then explains to Wilson her efforts to get pregnant. She says that she's had three implants... No. Doctors do not implant embryos or zygotes or whatever stage they are in. They are transferred. If they could implant these things then that would save a lot of problems. But they transfer them and hope for the best.

Now if I were watching a different show this would have elicted an eyeroll and little more. But this is House. One of the better, smarter shows on TV. And since the entire concept of the show is that people have weird diseases i'm sure they have medical people on staff for their weekly plots. Now all I know about IVF comes from reading infertility blogs, but even I know the basics. And I find it hard to believe that whatever medical expert works on the show couldn't be spared to write for the SEASON LONG STORY ARC! But even if he couldn't, how hard is it for an intern to google "IVF terminology"?

It bugs. I expect better from House. But now that that's outta my system...

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