Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Songs I love: Hall and Oates "Rich Girl"

I haven't gone into detail since i've been a right bastard about posting, but I have a sleep disorder. More info later, but basically I'm relying on Ritalin to make it through my days. However, to avoid some unpleasant side effects my dose was started low and is very graually being upped. So my days here at work are still brutal. But music helps. So here's a song I listen to frequently when I'm too fucking tired to make it another five minutes, much less another three hours.

Also this is a little shout out to my mom, who always loved Hall and Oates.

Best line:

"High and dry out of the rain, it's so easy to hurt others when you can't pain".

Fun fact I heard this song on the radio about a thousand times and loved it before I realized that it was Hall and Oates. Go figure.

So enjoy: Hall and Oates "Rich Girl"

Ps. I know it's Youtube and it doesn't have a video. Just enjoy the song without the moving pictures.

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Anonymous said...

man, i discovered that song when i was like 16 and first driving. i would crank up the radio and sing my ass off to it! i loved it then and i love it now! i saw them in concert when you were a baby. aunt edna kept you while me and your dad went to greensboro and saw them live. they fucking rocked the house! and talk about a SEXY man--- darryl hall is one of the sexiest men i've ever seen! he's awesome! that band was great! they have some of the best songs ever!
i love the way they cover the song "ooh child." man, that is such a great song. if you can get that on itunes, check it out. mmmmm....love that song!