Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things I have learned the hard way.

Don't buy the Teriyaki Chicken Ramen Noodles. Don't.

I know Ramen can get a little boring. Pork, beef, chicken, pork, beef, chicken. But these things are so gross I don't know who thought them up or who approved, or basically how these things made it to the market.

If you've never had teriyaki it's a little sweet. This is good on peices of chicken that are grilled, as a marinade for meat, and of course as a flavor of beef jerky. But turn that into Ramen and you get:

Sweet soup. Sweet soup people. It was one of the grossest things i've ever put in my mouth.

So save your dime. Or use it on a known winner, like Pork, my personal favorite. Or ignore me and try it. You'll be sorry.

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Anonymous said...

How's the shrimp kind? I've never had it.

My friend in Charlottesville says that you can get cheddar cheese flavor Ramen in grocery stores. Maybe try that?