Thursday, August 14, 2008

Damn kids!

So this is the magical time between the release of kids from their summer day camps and when their sticky asses go back to school. This means that parents have to make childcare plans and sometimes that means taking the spawn to work with them.

And that's ok in theory. I know childcare sucks in this country and there are situations where you just can't find anyone to look after the shorties.


If you take your children to work, they need to be quiet, they need to stay where you are, they need to entertain themselves for the duration, and they should not disrupt others who are working. Period.

This week i've been subjected to the same two kids running amok in the hallway near my office while i've been attempting to work. Only my fear of a touchy parent has kept me from catching these kids and telling them to go back to their parent and stay there. But my fuse is very short at this point.

So if you must bring the kids along make sure they are prepared to hang out the whole day without being brats. Yes, I said it. Brats. If not, use your sick time, vacation time, take it without pay if you have to. Your reputation at work as decent person who respects their coworkers depends on it.


Anonymous said...

personally i don't think you should be able to bring your kids to work unless it's "bring your kid to work day.
i never could and there were times i needed to!
but i'm a bitch sometimes, so there you go!
love you,

Anonymous said...

I am with mom. There should be adequate, affordable child care available for the working parent, namely, mothers, since child-rearing is still considered to be a uniquely female responsibility. Some places are appropriate for children, and some are not. A writing center / English department of a University, is one of the latter. If bringing your kid is the only option, get them some Dimetap and a coloring book. Shut those little bastards up. This is a place of business.