Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Meh: Pizza Hut Tuscani Pastas

A couple of weeks ago our freind Michael came down and he and Josh indulged in some pasta from Pizza Hut. They were pleased with it but I didn't get any since I had already eaten that night when they weren't hungry.

So last weekend after seeing a few too many commercials for the macaroni and cheese with bacon we decided to order pasta instead of going for Chinese. Because cheese + bacon = sign me up!

I called our Pizza Hut which was out of pasta, then called the one in Winterville, had to drive out there to get it since they don't deliver ten minutes down the road to our house, paid an arm and a leg for a family size mac and cheese, a pepsi and a personal sized alfredo, returned home and settled in for starch and "The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Reifenstal". (More on that later.)

And, well, I was disapointed. The pasta wasn't bad, but it wasn't very good either. The mac and cheese was bland. I had to add salt! And the bacon flavor was not very prominent. The bacon should have been browned more and then mixed into the pasta while cooking, instead of used as a topping.

The alfredo wasn't great either. The sauce was again bland, the chicken was tender, but the herby crumb topping was way too herby and completely overpowered the rest of the ingredients.

So thumbs down. I still have a lot of the mac and cheese in the fridge and I should throw it out, but we paid a lot for it, so I hang on until it starts to grow things.

Speaking of Pizza Hut...

The smell of the place when we picked up the pasta got me craving a Pizza Hut pizza. This is the pizza I grew up with. We had a Pizza Hut right down the road from our house so we ordered there often and sometimes I just want a thick pan pizza for sentimental reasons. So a few days ago we ordered from our Pizza Hut (who was shockingly not out of pizza) and ordered a basic pan pizza with pepperoni and a cheese lovers for Josh. And again, meh.

But really more of ughhhh. Either I had forgotten how greasy this pizza is or they added a quart of grease since I last had this pizza years ago. The cheese was oppressive. The cheese on Josh's pizza looked like The Blob. I only ate two pieces and haven't touched the leftovers. I plan to reheat it tonight since again we paid an assload for this pizza, but i'm not really looking forward to it. After those two average sized slices I can only describe the way I felt as logy. As if I had eaten the whole thing. Ugh.

I guess i'm stuck with the anti-choice nutjobs at Dominos. I hate their politics, but they make a good pizza.


Anonymous said...

hmmm....i was wondering how that pasta really tasted. i've been tempted to try it, too. looks great on tv. oh well, there you go!
so yeah, pizza hut pizza is bleh, too. not enough sauce for me.
and candice says all their stuff comes frozen. she used to work there, so she knows. even the sandwiches are frozen! blech!
too bad you don't have the "hood pie" people near you. they rock!

Anonymous said...

As a former employee of two, count 'em, TWO Pizza Huts, lemme tell you. That pasta comes pre-cooked and frozen from the truck. There is no boiling of water, no stirring of sauces. I am not surprised that this stuff is meh.
As for the pizza, it's greasy because they have a vat with a pump that they pump into the pans to prevent sticking.
I too get nostalgic for Pizza Hut though. It reminds me of birthday parties from elementary school, and later, of my freshman year of college, toiling away cleaning the salad bar, waiting for my friends or my boyfriend to retrieve me from that hell-hole.
I'm a Papa Johns girl myself. ;)