Thursday, September 25, 2008

Advice Do-over: Carey Tennis 9-17-08

When I first met my boyfriend more than a year ago, one of his friends groped me. Then he did it again. And again. I told him about it immediately after the first incident and he dismissed it and said it didn't happen. Since we weren't in a proper relationship at the time, I felt like I didn't have any "rights," so I didn't pursue the conversation. As time went on and our relationship became more serious, I brought up the issue again. My boyfriend's response was: "He hasn't had any in a while, he's just a deviant." This response angered me greatly. I feel like he should feel some anger and indignation on my behalf and not try to make excuses for his friend.

Again, there is more, and again, i'll stop you here.

Break up with him. He is an asshole. His friends are assholes. There is no future here. Only misery.

Also, figure out why not being in a "proper relationship" means you have no "rights". You were groped by your asshole boyfreind's asshole freind. At the very least you have a right to kick the asshole friend in the balls. And you sure as hell have a right to tell your asshole boyfriend that his asshole friend violated you in this way.

Advice for the future: If you ever end up in a similar situation and your boyfreind doesn't stand up for you or gives you a BS answer leave. Right away. Do not return any calls. Do not email. No $200. No passing Go. Not yours.

And for real, look into the self-esteem/self-worth issue. That sort of thing attracts these guys and you'll end up dating the same loser over and over again.

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