Friday, September 26, 2008

Dear UPS drivers nation wide,

Please note that when you deliver a package you should ring the doorbell or knock before abandoning it on the porch or front step or whatever. You don't have to wait for someone to open the door or hand them the package (unless it's that type of package) but you do need to alert anyone who may be home that they have something outside waiting for them. Something they ordered or was sent to them and they are almost certainly looking for and looking forward too.

Now i'm not accusing everyone. Sometimes my UPS person does ring my bell and let me know that Amazon or American Girl didn't just take my money and run. However, recently i've had way more deliveries that I wasn't aware of and that needs to stop. If I didn't have such refined American Girl senses I wouldn't have known until 8:30 last night that Abigail's new outfit had arrived. And if it weren't for me going to my new freind's house to watch Grey's Anatomy and leaving at 8:30 it would have sat outside all night. ALL NIGHT! My precious and expensive doll clothes outside in the dark and the humidity and the sadness thinking I didn't love them, ALL NIGHT!

So if you do ring the bell or knock when you deliver a package, thank you. I appreciate it.

But if you don't, shape the hell up!

My unlimited love to you all,


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