Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

28 years ago today my hubby was born. He had a really large head and had to be yanked out with forcepts, but he was fine. (Except the large head. He still has that, it's a family trait actually.)
People annoy me with the "I hate birthdays" schtick. Would you rather have died this past year? Come on. Let the people who love you celebrate the fact that you're here. It's not all about you, it's also about all the people you've touched since you've been alive. And cake. Cake!

So today I celebrate my hubby. My hubby who is sweet, and funny, and adores our cats. Who goes to the beach with me eventhough he doesn't like it. Who drove me to Charlotte to see Bodyworlds eventhough we had a fight that morning and he's grossed out by medical stuff. Who flipped our mattress like The Incredible Hulk when I couldn't get to Wally under the bed as he had a seizure. Who has moved more people than he wants to remember. Who has become my family's computer guy without complaint. Who is always amazed at my needlework. Who hulks out again when people are rude or cruel, especially to animals. Who shares my twisted sense of humor. Who doesn't bat an eye when I buy too many doll clothes or cross stitch supplies or makeup. Who is an all around wonderful, wonderful person.
I couldn't imagine a better husband. I love you Biggzy! Happy Birthday.

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