Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One of Those Days Already

It began by Josh leaving this morning and not turning on the heat like I asked him too. And then I slept through my alarm and ended up getting up late, eating late and leaving late. Then as I sat at the light half way to work the guy in the truck next to me caught my eye. He was telling me that my back right tire was just about flat.


So I pulled into the gas station across the intersection. Air was $0.75 quaters only. (Remember when air was free? Or like a single quater? And remember the cents symbol? I miss that thing. It's easier than typing the dollar sign, zero, period then the amount of cents.) I had about $0.45 in nickles and dimes. So I went into the store to buy the Pepsi I was planning on buying at work anyway, getting cash back from the debit card, a dollar of that in quaters to feed the air moe sheen. But unlike every single debit card accepting establishment on Earth I could not get cash back at this gas station with the purchase of my Pepsi.


So I went back out to the car and weighed my options. Option One: Continue on to work and use the six hours there to come up with a plan. Option Two: Make three quaters somehow appear out of thin air, use the air moe sheen, proceed to work. I was stuck with Option One.

So I went on my merry way to work. Late, driving extra careful because of the near flat, and pretty annoyed at this turn of events. I'm also still coughing like a MoFo despite having finished my medicine and this coughing is being aggravated by the random junk that has accumulated on our heat pump's heating elements over the summer. So I can be cold and not cough as much, or I can be warm and cough my ass off.

And I just realized that since I was in a gas station and not on campus I could have purchased my preferred Coke instead of a Pepsi, but my brain was too scattered to realize this and now I have a too sweet for me without ice Pepsi to drink instead of a not so sweet on it's own Coke.

And it's only 10 am.


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