Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I rly are sick.

You know how on just about every TV show and movie ever made that involves a woman in labor she looks to the man who knocked her up and screams "You did this to me!"? Yeah, I did that this morning. Only instead of screaming I sort of croaked it out through the swollen, mucus covered thing that was once my throat.

Yes, one bad thing about being married (or to be fair, cohabitating) is that you pass germs around like a fat joint. Or a jug of wine. Whichever. It seems that having a sick person breathe on you for eight hours as you share the same bed isn't the best way to prevent getting their cold.

So here I am sick and going to get sicker as Josh gets better. It never fails that once he starts to improve I start to come down with what he had.

My most fervent hope now is that this will give me some immunity or resistance to the various viruses that will be floating around campus for the next four or five months. No wait. My most fervent hope is that this will give Josh immunity or resistance to the viruses that his students will be carrying around for the next four or five months. Why? Because Josh is possibly the most annoying person on earth when he's sick. As much as I love him, when he gets the sniffles he acts like he's being disemboweled and I have a very short fuse for that sort of thing. So for his safety and my sanity I really hope this is the only illness that visits us this Fall/Winter.

On the up side of things, my very large American Girl order placed during the Samantha Panic of '08 is due to be delivered today. I should be excited, but mostly i'm still pretty pissed about the whole "archiving" thing. I still intend to post a rant about it, but i'm trying to come up with something that doesn't involve 90% swearing, threats of violence or references to flaming bags of dog poo.

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