Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What does this say about me?

Today I have my yearly tune up. Now for those of you not familiar with what this entails for a woman, i'll basically be propped open and swabbed.

Considering that the doctor has their head right close to your legs during this task most women won't go to this particular appointment without shaving their legs.

Not me. Not only will shaving mess up my waxing, but I really didn't feel like it last night.

But you know what I did shave?

My underarms.

This appointment also includes a feeling of the boobs and I would be mortified if my pits were hairy. And as a doctor I would probably be grossed out by armpit hair on a patient. So I shaved that. But not my legs.

I rationalize this by saying that my leg hair is very light and fine, and it is. But what does it say about me that leg hair gets a pass but underarm hair doesn't? Maybe it just means I should never go to France.

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