Saturday, April 01, 2006

Random Acts of Geekiness

Last night Josh was reminded of why he's marring my strange ass.

We spent about four hours as a team removing the stickers from his video game cases. And he has a lot of cases. And he is positivley anal about them.

So we spent four hours with him loosening the stickers with my hair dryer and peeling off what he could and me using Goo Gone to get the rest, then cleaning the Goo Gone off with Windex.

Not many girls would do that. Maybe that's why he agreed so readily to the $1000 wedding gown.


Poll said...

hello !

I like your blog !


Anonymous said...

no doubt! but this just proves that you two belong together!


Brave Little Baker said...

Hi Poll!

I'm glad you like my blog!

Have a great day!