Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Walk into florist, pull down pants, bend over.

I finally called florists yesterday. Now I have ordered flowers before to be sent to people, and last year I made arrangements for my mom to pay for my friend Linda's wedding bouquet, and talke to the person to tell her what we wanted. So this was a complete shock to me.

Out of the six people I called five wanted consultation fees.

Four wanted $30, one wanted $50. Just to talk to me. Which I know they are highly skilled people and their time is valuable, but gee whiz. $30-$50 for me to give you a rough out line of what I would like and you to tell me if it's possible and about how much it would cost? I'm not talking about sitting down with a contract and making a detailed write up. Just "Yo, I want hydrangeas in October. Is that possible? Ok, how much for a hand tied bouquet? What's your going rate for bouteneirres? Thanks."

To their credit, one place is mailing me a packet and the other said I could come by and pick up a price list, so they're not just trying to screw me. But this other guy who doesn't charge did the rest of Linda's flowers so i've seen his work and I've met him, so I know he's nice and he's talented. He also said he didn't like to do more than two weddings in one weekend since he does all the flowers himself. I'll probablly go with him, but I just hate to make a decision without even considering anyone else. There I go worrying again.

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